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TCM Treatment costs

For acupuncture treatments, detailed intake, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, personal Qigong lessons, Reiki treatments etc. Treatment, approx. 45 minutes, € 69,- Treatment, approx. 60 minutes, € 81,- Massage, face and neck, approx. 30 minutes, € 41,- Invigorating spinal massage, approx. 30 minutes, € 41,- Nutritional advice, € 81,- R.E.S.E.T. TMJ / Jaw balancing, 2 x […]

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Course of TCM treatment

Initial visit During your first appointment I will take a detailed TCM intake, and we will review your current symptoms and medical history. A thorough diagnosis according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine includes tongue and pulse diagnoses. Depending on your symptoms, I will conduct an additional physical examination. Of course, I will be […]

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